SlimPeer Client

A slim and fast PeerCast peer

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The SlimPeer is a client (or better: a peer) for the PeerCast network. Comparing to the original peer it is much smaller, there is no need to make complex configurations and suits perfectly for end users that are not so experienced. In other words: a user only needs to install it and can listen or view P2P streams immediately.

Latest News

Version 0.11 BETA is out now! It now tries to configure itself fully automatiquement ;-) using UPnP (thanks to the contributions of the project MiniUPnP. If that configuration fails because no UPnP interfaces could be detected the user is asked for the current internet connection speed - nothing more. Additonally some minor bugs have been fixed and some unused code has been removed so that the SlimPeer is smaller and faster than ever.


The setup packages for Windows 32 and Linux can be downloaded here.


SlimPeer was forked from the PeerCast sources and is licensed under the GPL. The client (=ui) part of the applications has been modified to be as simple as possible. The core library sources are identically to the original ones but they have been extended by several USE_SLIMPEER switches that disable code that is not necessary for this client (like the configuration via webpage, streaming of own sources and others).

If you want to take part at the project please contact me via the Developer Forum at
The sources tarball of the current release can be downloaded here.